thisisthepizzasong asked:

Hi, Nayyirah! I was thinking about the ask that was saying she felt she couldn't enjoy your writing because she's white? 1) Not everything has to include you. 2) I am Arab. But when I see poetry/articles/womanist stuff celebrating black women, it still makes me happy. Why does something have to be speaking directly to you to get something out of it? Black women have gone through so much, why not just be happy when they have these things just for them? Go read some Walt Whitman you racist.

nayyirahwaheed answered:

if speaking/addressing/loving/celebrating who I am, and the truths of poc realities, makes you feel sad, then indeed you have some deeper issues to look at. if you can not view something as, for someone else, and rejoice, in their individuality, as you have addressed, then it means you have not decentralized yourself. this person came to my blog, expecting for its contents to reflect them (in a world that glorifies their reflection above all others) and when they did not see it, they felt rejected, and decided that there is something wrong with my worldview, not thiers. and this is all because they see/ believe/ and expect their centralness in all spaces, even a space built, crafted, and warmed by people of color. they are not central. and if not being central upsets them, then this not a space they should ever visit again.